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The following terms and conditions affect your rights and limit our liability. Please read them carefully.

The use of services from run by HostCircle IT Solutions Private Limited (CIN No. U72900TN2015PTC102142), referred to as “HostCircle”, “HCIN” hereafter constitutes agreement to the following policy with regards to Customer’s private information.

Information Security

HCIN utilizes reasonable measures to make sure that Customer’s information is not stolen or misused in any manner. HCIN prevent unauthorized access by policies, procedures and technical means of data access control. HCIN uses standard security protocols to facilitate exchange of sensitive information, ensuring safety and security at all times.

HostCircle takes great care in keeping the information of users of the website safe and secure.

Customer Information

HostCircle takes great care in keeping the information of users of the website safe and secure. HCIN collects the following types of data from the customer.

  • General Information such as name, title, address, company, contact number and email id.
  • Financial Information such as credit/debit card details, account number and payment information
  • Site Usage Information such as visit tracking and cookies.
  • Authentication Information such as govt. issued ID and company documentation

Data Collection Methods

HCIN collects the following types of data from the customer via following methods:

  • Registration and Sign up Forms
  • Online customer communications such as email, sales enquiries, transactions and instant messaging.
  • Offline interactions, in person or through telephonic conversations.
  • Third party sources of information
  • Website data such as protocols and cookies

Customer Information Usage

HCIN uses the collected information for following purposes.

  • To provide service. Customer Information is collected and Financial Information is stored as a part of transaction history. HCIN shares some of customer’s data to banking institutions, billing agencies and fraud check agents in order to provide service to the Customer. HCIN assures that the agents with which it shares these information are authentic, safe, widely-recognized and reliable.
  • To provide future support, HCIN collects contact data, products and services request of the Customer.
  • To customize site content and make site nagivation and site usage easier for the customer.
  • To respond to enquiries and requests for information. This includes newsletters and mailing lists.
  • To give to law enforcement agencies or other third parties when compelled by court order or other legalities as applicable by the law. HCIN will notify the customer prior to releasing information in such cases.
  • To report or prevent fraudulent or nefarious activities of the customer.
  • To contractors and providers who provide service to HCIN.
  • To transfer to another entity in case HCIN is subjected to merger or acquisition.
  • To provide optimal solutions to Customer’s needs and requirements.
  • To tailor marketing based on Customer’s needs.

Customer Content

Occassionally, HCIN may need to have temporary access to Customer’s content in order to provide support and maintenance services. This will always be done after explicit permission from the Customer. HCIN will not disclose Customer’s content to any person or entity.

Customer Account Information

HCIN has given the Customer complete master over management of the information. The customer has ability to add/delete/modify personal information as necessary. But it is the Customer’s responsibility to have the account information accurate and relevant at all times. HCIN will not divulge this information to any person or entity without prior explicit permission.

HCIN has rights to add, delete or modify the terms given in this agreement. It is the customer’s responsibility to check for changes time-to-time.

Management, HostCircle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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