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HostCircle: Different Redefined


Reasonable pricing, reliable services, dependable products, excellent support. We are proud of the quality we deliver and we ensure you get the most value-for-money.

Reasonable Pricing

We are a profitable company with proper scruples. Greed doesn’t motivate us. (Delivering quality service does) We don’t do pricey external marketing. We don’t have huge offices. We don’t charge you exorbitant pricing as a rule.

Reliable Services

Get 99.999% uptime guarantee with all our services. Our superb global network works in tandem with lovingly chosen hardware devices to give your services the next level of reliability.

Dependable Products

Get total satisfaction of usage. Enterprise-grade hardware powering your websites/applications, N+1 redundant power, N+1 redundant cooling and N+1 redundant network connectivity at all points.

Excellent Support

Contact us via multiple-channels to obtain true 24×7 support. Friendly team, expert technicians, trained professionals and passionate people form our company. Our one primary goal is to provide quality service, which is so often a rarity in the world.


Obtain satisfactory value-for-money for each of your services. Most of your cost goes directly to hardware, software and the people behind them. We don’t do fancy spending (and make you pay for it). Our entire value is based on delivering you guaranteed satisfaction for the invoice you pay.

Management, HostCircle IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Trusted by over 150 customers worldwide

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